5 Lawn Care Tips For Beginners

Maintaining your lawn as a pristine and fresh-looking place in the area goes beyond aesthetics. It improves curb appeal, controls pest invasions, and elevates the quality of life through air and soil purification. However, figuring out where to start and what steps to follow can be tricky for a lawn care beginner.

But don’t fret. With minimal information and an authentic guide, you can easily foster the right conditions for your grass to bloom and blossom all year round. Consider following the lawn care tips below to get a heads-up and start your journey today.

How to take care of grass as a beginner and keep your lawn in good shape throughout the season? Let’s figure out.

1. Frequent Mowing

Mowing is the key to having a lush green garden. According to the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR), neglecting your lawn grass through its active growth season can increase the chances of weed spells and diseases. Therefore, it’s best to mow your grass by the ⅓ rule (twice every week) to promote lateral spread and encourage healthy growth.

2. Good Aeration

Grass soil becomes dense over time, preventing the roots from absorbing adequate amounts of moisture and nutrients. Through aeration, you can remove the tiny plugs of grass and make ways for water, air, and minerals to get in. The golden rule is to aerate your lawn only when the grass is actively growing.

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3. Uniform Fertilizing

Slow-release nitrogen fertilizers are an absolute necessity for established gardens, but your grass can also fall short of phosphorus and potassium supply if you neglect it for over a few months. As a beginner, you should calculate the fertilizer quantity required per 1000 square feet of your lawn and apply it evenly 3-4 times a year to get well-moist, succulent grass.

Lawn Mowing

4. Effective Watering

If done right, deep watering can breathe life into your garden. The first thing your lawn needs is 1-1.5 inches of water per week, based on the season and climate. Just avoid flooding your soil every day, and give it enough room to dry out and soak enough moisture between the irrigation gaps. Besides giving proper hydration, it will protect your lawn from intense water logging issues.



Water (inch per week)







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5. Proper Weeding

As a beginner in garden lawn care, killing grass weeds like clover or dove weeds can save you so much time and effort in the long run. The two essential concepts here are:

  • Pre-emergent herbicides to prevent the weeds from sprouting.

  • Post-emergent herbicides to attack the weeds that are already growing.


We recommend reading the label and picking a weed controller only if it lists your grass type.

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The 5-step lawn care tips can go a long way in growing green and vigorous grass if you stay patient and consistent with your routine. For professional lawn care and maintenance packages, you can contact Safari Landscapes or book a consultation to discuss your unique needs.