How to Choose the Best Lawn Care Company in Houston

With the average US household spending around $70 on their gardens, it’s clear that many Americans value the aesthetic benefits of manicured lawns. Not only do gardens improve the curb appeal of homes, but they also help cool urban areas and improve air quality. 

However, given the subtropical climate (and frequent rainfall) of Houston, maintaining a landscaped lawn is not that easy. Thus, many residents outsource their jobs to a lawn care company, which leads to timely upkeep and maintenance of their gardens. But how do you choose the best lawn care company in Houston with all this advertising noise? Well, read on to find out. 


Identifying Your Lawn Care Goals 

Before you hire a lawn care service, identify your gardening goals. Do you want to maintain a well-manicured backyard for family gatherings? Or perhaps you’re more interested in landscaping (with pots and fountains) or other features like vegetable gardens. 

Next, look at the current state of your lawn to identify areas that need improvement. These may be patches where grass doesn’t grow well, compacted/poor-quality soil, or weed-prone segments. By understanding the problems in your garden, you’ll know better about what services you need from a lawn care company. 


Services Offered by Lawn Care Companies 

Based on your goals and current lawn status, list your top lawn care priorities. This could range from basic maintenance tasks like edging and mowing to specialized services (fertilization, pest control, aeration, or overseeding). For those interested in fruit beds or vegetable gardens, setting up an irrigation system could be a promising choice, especially during dry spells. 

Plus, some companies also offer seasonal services, like spring clean-ups for removing leaves and debris, seeding, and aeration. And if you want help with garden designs, choose a provider with a detailed landscaping package. This should include installing sods, making flower beds, and planting shrubs/trees. 


Basic Services

Specialized Services

Optional Add-Ons



Irrigation System


Pest Control




Seasonal Clean-Up


Disease Management



What to Look for in a Lawn Care Company

Your lawn is a living, breathing component of your home that requires careful attention to maintain its health and benefits. The right lawn care company should provide a detailed package for its regular upkeep, apart from rendering superior customer service. Here’s a list of more things to consider when choosing a lawn care service. 


1. Premium Customer Service 

Look for companies that prioritize clear, timely communication. The provider should respond promptly to queries, explain their services, and offer upfront pricing (without hidden fees). Plus, a good lawn care company has multiple support channels, including phone, text messages, email, and a user-friendly website. 

Beyond maintaining your lawn, a reliable company educates its customers. They might offer consultations on your lawn’s specific care needs, advice on best watering practices, or tips for maintaining your lawn between visits. Remember to prioritize a company with clear policies on handling complaints, like redos of unsatisfactory work. 


2. Expertise & Experience

If you want to choose the best lawn care company in Houston, remember that experience is key. Time-tested providers who have been in the industry for a decade will have the know-how of local horticulture and a track record of success. 

In addition, an experienced company will be adept with the local soil types in Houston, helping your lawn adapt well to diseases and seasonal changes. They’ll also have better knowledge of common soil pests, year-round climate, and lawn properties. (Tip: Look at their “About Us” section for their years of experience). 


3. Focus on Soil Health

Many companies offer regular gardening services like edging and mowing, but few maintain your lawn’s soil health in the process. Thus, you should look for a company that places emphasis on sustaining a healthy soil composition and structure. 

It should also preserve a regular balance of organic matter, minerals, air, and water in the soil, which helps support a variety of useful microorganisms. 


4. Certified Team 

When looking to maintain your lawn to perfection, it’s essential to choose the best lawn care company in Houston with a certified, licensed team. Certified professionals regularly undergo workshops and training to update their skills in lawn care. They also have better knowledge about minimizing chemical use, conserving water, and choosing the best plants for the local ecosystem. 



If you want to choose the best lawn care company in Houston, remember to analyze your vision and your lawn’s current status first. This will help you pick the right provider for your needs, whether you want to build a fruit bed or a landscaped garden. 

For those ready to take the first step towards a blooming, healthy garden, there’s no better place than Safari Landscapes. With a team of certified experts, we are your go-to for all your lawn maintenance needs in Houston. So, book a consultation today to preserve the health and beauty of your outdoor space.